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A Denny's Grand Slam Restaurant Is Coming to Navajo Reservation
Native American Bank 2014

Native American Bank backed Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development and Regional Business Development Office for a $2.15 million loan to build a new Denny's restaurant on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. It is expected the Denny's project will provide 100 jobs and 230 temporary construction jobs and about $1 million annually in payroll and it is anticipated the construction will be completed in October 2015. Romero Brown, Navajo businessman said, "Work on the Denny's project began in 2008 and with Shelly's involvement made the project a reality."

The new Denny's restaurant broke ground with a traditional Navajo blessing and participants blessed themselves with Tadidiin (corn pollen) and the site of the restaurant. The group took photos at the site of the Denny's restaurant before convening at the Chinle Chapter House for the festivities. Participating in the shovel ceremony celebration were President Shelly, First Lady Martha Shelly, Navajo businessman Romero Brown, President-Elect Russell Begaye, Vice President-Elect Jonathan Nez, Chapter President Andy Ayze, Chapter Vice President Myron McLaughlin, along with tribal officials from Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development and the Navajo Nation Council.

"We must work with our small businesses for the benefit of the Navajo Nation. These businesses create jobs and stimulate the economy," former president Shelly said. "It gives me great pleasure to break ground for a new Navajo-owned business. Ahehee' (Thank you)."