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Native American Bank Partners with Tanka Bars to Further Product Offering
Native American Bank September 2015

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Native American Natural Foods, LLC, the maker of Tanka Bars, is experiencing rapid growth in sales of its line of natural buffalo based snacks through its relationships with major national retailers, and through new product line offerings. Since the launch of its first meat and fruit bar sold in the natural foods category in 2007, the Tanka Bar has ignited the dried meat snack category throughout the country. Native American Bank is proud to partner with Native American Natural Foods to assist in the roll out of an entirely new line of buffalo snacks called Tanka Trail. Made from nuts, seeds and sweet fruit, coupled with heart healthy buffalo bites, the new snack is 100 percent natural. "Based on a traditional Native American recipe that powered Lakota Sioux warriors for centuries, the new Tanka Trail and Tanka Bar products extend our product lines for our customers who need to re-fuel on the go," said Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods.