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Work Begins on Big Lagoon Rancheria’s New Fitness Center
Native American Bank / 2015

Construction is underway on a two story, 29,000 square foot fitness center called The Club at Mill Creek, being built by the Big Lagoon Rancheria. The fitness center will include a swimming pool, sauna tub, steam rooms and a host of exercise equipment. It will also offer various fitness classes and will provide jobs for 40 to 60 community members. The center, which is expected to open in the fall of 2016, is the culmination of a decade of work. Native American Bank is proud to provide the construction and term financing for the project.

“We are so excited to bring a new health club and fitness center to McKinleyville,” stated Rancheria Tribal Chairman Virgil Moorehead in a press release. “Not only does McKinleyville need this club, but we’re proud of the opportunity to provide jobs to our community.”