Native American Bank, Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Yancy Retires With Legacy Of Compassion

NAB’s beloved Jamie Yancy retired officially on April 5 as EVP/COO of Native American Bank. Yancy, as everyone calls him, is known as a nurturer. He builds and paves a path for those that will follow. He is a connector and mobilizer, who can see the big picture along with the minute details that get the job done. He has cultivated this as a vision for NAB for the past 11 years. As overseer of the Bank’s technology and security systems, one can think of Yancy as the Bank’s protector.

According to Tom Ogaard, NAB president, “he put into practice numerous processes and procedural expectations that elevated the bank’s sophistication and ability to deliver products and services. He instituted career pathing for employees to give them the best chance to be successful. When reflecting on making the decision to retire, Yancy noted ’It was time to make room for others to move up in the company.’”

Yancy is all about helping and serving people whether that be through his career, his family, or the community. Above all, Yancy reflects NAB’s Key Core Values – living them daily.  He inspires others to be better and through one-on-one mentoring, brought a perspective of what the mission meant. That can be seen through his relationships with staff, vendors, partners and beyond. He is a connector of people, making everyone feel welcome and valued. Many staff are quick to note he has been a champion and force of encouragement to achieve advanced degrees and further their learning.

There are plenty of memories, but the formation of the Bank’s core values is one that remains with Yancy. These values were created as a team to reflect “who we are and what remarkable things we can do together.” Thought he is retiring from day-to-day responsibilities; he is not fully exiting NAB. Yancy has accepted a seat on the Bank’s board of directors. NAB will still have his compassion, wisdom, and humor influencing the organization.

Reflecting on the future of NAB, Yancy notes, “Native American Bank is truly positioned to do remarkable things in Indian Country and the country. It will take purposeful and thoughtful decision making and collaboration.”  For the staff left to carry out the mission, he gives this advice, “There will be challenges and rewards. Keep each other lifted up during the challenges and celebrate the successes together. Keep each other safe at all times.”

In 2023, Yancy was recognized as one of Denver’s Outstanding C-Suite executives by the Denver Business Journal. The award highlighted his leadership contributions to the bank and his extensive career in IT and financial services. It also captured his community spirit and leadership through the many programs he has supported to help the underserved by providing food to the homeless, supporting educational initiatives, food banks and community action centers.

While he is still navigating what retirement will look like, Yancy knows it will include serving others. He is grateful for the bonds made with the many individuals at the bank, especially the connections that go beyond work to the personal side. He noted he will miss the daily interactions, smiles and commitment to the mission. No doubt, NAB will miss his calming influence and his witty sense of humor, which often broke the ice and kept office interactions friendly and fun. NAB wishes him the best of luck as he ventures into his next phase and continues his journey. We cannot wait to see what legacy he leaves through those efforts.

Photo credit to Native American Bank, N.A.

Veronica Lane
Vice President, Marketing Director


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